Single Girls Survival Kit

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The single girls survival kit is full of useful advice to help you understand why you are a single saddo

There are clearly things that need addressing and we are here to help, with some brutal home truths and guidance back into the dating world. Its time to dry those eyes, shave those legs, slap on some make up and get back on that dance floor! *we understand this wont happen quickly if at all, so we have included some essentials to get you through those single nights!

This hilarious gift box makes the perfect gift for all your single friends and includes...

Single Girls Survival Guide The dos and donts of dating.

Date Night check list Always be prepared.

Top 20 chat up lines Never trip over your intro again.

Why you dont have a boyfriend Pie Chart Cold hard truths.

Anti-Texting device Dont text the EX!

Tissues Dry those eyes

Chocolate Instant happiness.

Grow your won Boyfriend if all else fails.

Peach Bellini bon bons - have a drink on us.