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Personalised Disney Alice In Wonderland Story Book

Personalised Disney Alice In Wonderland Story Book

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Prepare yourself to jump down the rabbit hole and follow Alice as she takes the adventure of a lifetime!

This beautifully crafted book tells the full story of the Disney classic that has charmed and enchanted generations of audiences since its release in 1951.

Reproduced in a beautiful square hardback cover, read on as Alice travels through a fantastical world filled with bizarre characters and extrovert personalities.

Alice's transition from adolescence to adulthood can clearly be seen, as she encounters one curious scenario after the next.

The surreal surroundings of Carroll's world have been re-enforced by Disney, with an abundance of bright and bold colours that were ahead of its time, and lent the cult status that it has garnered today.

To make this timeless classic even more special, your loved one's name can be added to the header of each page, as well as adding their name and a personal message to the opening page.

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