Name A Star Gift Box

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Name a star after a loved one with the Intergalactic Star Database and show them just what a star they are to you! The unique star will be named on the Intergalactic Star Database for eternity making this a gift for life.

The gift is a great way to both celebrate and commemorate family and friends.

Inside the gift box you will find your Introduction Letter, Personalised Certificate, Star Area Coordinates Sheet, Map of the Night Sky and Guide to the Northern Constellations Book.

The Intergalactic Star Database would like to state that although we take great pride in our product and service, it is sold as a fun gift and scientific and astronomical institutes will continue to reference and name stars by number only. It is also possible that alternative star naming companies could allocate your star with a different name on their database. The Intergalactic Star Database has no affiliation with any other star naming companies and can assure you that once a star has been allocated on our database it cannot be renamed or re-allocated without your consent.